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Winner of a 2014 Market Leaders Award for Kansas City Area from Professional Remodeler Magazine

Last night TBE Construction Group LLC received a 2014 Market Leaders Award for the Kansas City Area from Professional Remodeler Magazine a national remodeling industry publication. It was based on criteria like client satisfaction, leadership, innovation, and market growth among other items.

We are proud to have been awarded this and a question that I was asked last night while receiving this was what comments would you say to others that could make a difference.

I said this last night again and I said this same comment earlier this month at another event that when we treat our clients with respect everything else falls in place, kindness can go a very long way towards each other. I would also say that this should not be limited to just your clients, how about suppliers, sub-contractors, employees, relatives, neighbors, and even those when have not met yet.

Just do "the right thing" and it is that simple.. everything else falls in place...

A huge thanks to all for helping us get this award, I mean this to all our suppliers, sub-contractors, clients, and our fantastic staff.

None of this would be possible without each of you.

You have my most sincere gratitude and respect!





Tips for a Better Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning a kitchen remodel?

A kitchen remodel can be a stressful experience-the noise, the dust, strangers in and out of your home, the unexpected repairs and costs that often occur.

The end product of all this stress is a kitchen you love. A kitchen remodel will increase the value of your home as well as influencing the rate of sale.

With a good plan in place, you can reduce the stress of a kitchen remodel. The following tips will make sure your kitchen remodel goes more smoothly.

First, determine how much you're willing and able to spend. While cost can vary depending upon the average low key remodel to a whopping upscale remodel.

Determine how much you want to change your kitchen. Knocking out walls, adding additions, moving electrical, plumbing or gas will greatly increase your costs.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Setting aside extra cash for unexpected repairs isn't a bad idea. Finding a wall with termite or water damage will eat into your budget and may delay the completion date.

If you want to save money consider where you can cut costs. Perhaps your cabinetry can be refinished. Or reuse the cabinets but purchase new cabinet doors.

Plan the layout of your new kitchen, and the materials you would like to use. Look through magazines, visit expos and showcases, home supply stores and suppliers such as granite distributors and plumbing warehouses. It isn't a bad idea, to cut out pictures you like in a magazine. Be sure to identify the brand and style. This way, when remodel time comes, you will have a file of ideas that you already like. 

Calculate as best you can what you estimate your plan will cost. If you can afford it, consider hiring a designer. A designer can be worth their weight in gold in saving you money by offering similar but less costly choices. I know of a good designer in Kansas City... Matthew Keller Designs... Hard working energetic excellent choice if you ask me.

Consider that your kitchen will be unusable for the duration of your remodel. If you have somewhere to place your refrigerator, a microwave and coffeepot, this will save you the money of eating out at every meal.

Consider pet and child safety. Perhaps you can have a friend pet sit or place your pet in another part of the house away from the kitchen. Make sure children know the kitchen is off limits for the duration of the project for their own safety.

With a plan in hand and an expert contractor your beautiful new kitchen will be a source of joy for years to come. 

Mom, Hot Dogs, and Apple Pie .........

Warm greetings on this wonderful day,  the 4thof July, Independence Day in the USA!   How great it is to be American citizens and know that in our country we have the privilege and right to freely worship God. 

There are other countries around the world where people are dying for their faith and we pray for God’s mercy and grace to cover those areas of strife and pain. 

Our freedom and independence is a wonder to behold and an priviledge to enjoy...

We start with Mom, Hot Dogs, and Apple Pie .............. then go into song God Bless America!

Maybe it should start  like this: 

God we thank you for all that you have provided us, like our freedom and independence, our familes (Mom included) and friends, then Hot Dogs, and Apple Pie. 

Just a thought!



Golden Rule!

I recently experienced a series of meetings and events with a supplier we have used in the past and frankly I could have exploded due to the poor quality and poor service being received. Our customers deserve the best that is what I expect of our TBE crews and our suppliers as well.

I am at the end of my rope on this one and ended up having frank and direct discussion with the owner of the company. In short if something is broke those involved need to know about it otherwise it will never be resolved and could happen again.

But in reflection I recognized that yelling and screaming (which I did not do) could have easily been my avenue of communication. My choice of communication was respectful, honest, calm, and direct which in the end provides to keep relationships intact instead of broken.

So remember the next time you have a problem.... just speak like you would prefer someone speak with you. You will get better results!

Have a Great Day!


Mike Parks

TBE Construction Group, LLC




“Your Living Space Your Lifestyle”

Kitchen upgrades provide an excellent return on the investment, even in a down economy.

Basically, the logic is that remodeling projects have a bigger impact on resale value, especially for areas of the home in high demand, such as luxurious new kitchens.

Even with a minor kitchen remodel, you can get creative and clever with appliances, countertops and lighting to create a significant impact.

Countertops with custom touches, such as inserts of marble pastry slabs or wooden butcher blocks, even embed concrete with metal and glass bits. Choosing renewable and recycled materials, such as quartz and concrete over natural stone or marble is also a great option.

Using decorative lighting in the kitchen is another up-and-coming design trend. Decorative lighting fixtures, accent lighting and sconces are being used to draw attention to kitchen décor.

Overall, kitchen design hasn't changed much over the past few years. When choosing your kitchen updates and finishes, make sure they work with the style of your house and your own personal preferences.

While more people are major kitchen remodels, it is important to keep your master plan in mind. If you have plans to relocate or add on to the kitchen, or an addition that might disturb the kitchen, then plan ahead to avoid doing something you will have to tear out later.

Consider the impact your project will have on your property's value, plan for the future and remember to remodel smart.

Remember it is “Your Living Space Your Lifestyle”. 

Pick Colors you Like!

Pick out colors you like.  

Ok that sounds simple enough but it is really a bit more difficult than that especially if your spouse has a different idea on what the colors should be.

Color selection is the one of the chief interior design dilemmas you can go thru.

How do you pick out colors?

Will I like them when they are all together?

Should I just stay neutral and use color only in my accessories?

I just lived this exact process I thought this would be easy...

It was much more difficult than I thought to pick out colors for our own home.

So here is the piece of advice I can provide.

Hire an interior designer who knows colors...

My wife refers to our interior designer as our “Marriage Counselor”.

I will be well worth your time and money well spent. 

Take Care of your Outside

During the hot summer months many of us choose to not work on the exterior of our homes. This is the perfect time to power wash the outside of your house, deck, even driveway. Repair a fence or deck rail can be done is short order. All these simple things can enhance your enjoyment and pleasure you receive from your home. So enjoy and have a glass of lemonade summer is here.mail

Outdoor Time Again!

It is that time again when we enjoy our out of doors more and an outdoor kitchen may seem like an unnecessary extravagance, but for those who enjoy spending a lot of time outside, it has become an increasingly popular home addition.

An outdoor kitchen can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000 so careful consideration of one's needs is important. The first step in creating an outdoor kitchen is to determine how it will be used.

The more time spent outside cooking and eating, and the more complex the preferred menu, the more sense an outdoor kitchen makes. It also is a determining factor on how extensive an outdoor kitchen should be.

Building a permanent outdoor kitchen can be expensive, but it also will be more durable and increase the value of the home.

A cement patio makes a good foundation for an outdoor kitchen. Wooden decks also add value depending on how elaborate the planned space will be. But a combination of many materials can add significant enjoyment and visual appeal so don't be afraid to consider many options.

The most common elements of an outdoor kitchen include a grill, work surfaces and a dining area. A refrigerator, sink, lighting and small kitchen appliances can be added, including a microwave oven. The more complex an outdoor kitchen, the more attention needs to be paid to storage, traffic lanes and sources of electricity and water. Most appliance manufacturers have specialty lines for outdoor use, and precautions should be taken to ensure their proper and safe use.

Weather-resistant materials should be used to construct work surfaces and food preparation areas as well as cabinetry. A stainless steel outdoor kitchen is a good choice. A safe and reliable method of insect control is essential, especially if meals will be eaten outdoors.

The main focal point of any outdoor kitchen is the grill. Choosing the right grill and its placement are key to a successful kitchen. Deciding between a charcoal or gas grill is a matter of personal taste. Plan on a design at least 3 feet of work surface on either side of the grill and 1.5 to 2 feet on either side of a sink. Plan around the grill, so that important items are handy when cooking.

The products needed to create the kitchen, from simple to state-of-the-art, are readily available, but the most important aspect of an outdoor kitchen is planning. A sensible design will allow for years of outdoor enjoyment.

Mike Parks mail


Keep Your Cool!

Now is the time to remember to schedule your Air Conditioning / Cooling summer check up.

If you wait until it becomes hot and you have a problem or your unit has problems keeping you cool.

Then the service technicians will be busy and have difficulty getting to you when you need them the most.

So call you local HVAC service company and get your system serviced and ready for the hot summer.

Remember it is better to Keep your Cool, than sit around hot!